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Our core competencies lie in the manufacturing and distribution of surgical sutures and collagen products for all surgical disciplines and have done so for more than 80 years.


In nature, wounded or damaged tissue layers should be closed as quickly as possible to maintain proper functioning. In the human body, repair takes place over the phases of wound healing.
In many cases, this natural course requires mechanical support to replace the tissue strength lost during the healing process. Surgical sutures are typically used to serve this purpose.
AMS offers many absorbable and non-absorbable RESORBA® sutures, which ensure tissue compatibility and may be used for all sorts of wound closure.


An essential component of surgical procedures is ensuring safe and reliable haemostasis and tissue regeneration. AMS offers a wide range of collagens and oxidised cellulose products marketed under its RESORBA® brands. Collagen products are also available that contain antibiotics.


Bone preservation and bone regeneration are indispensable in modern implantology care. That is why dental care has found its way into the RESORBA® product portfolio. This includes collagens for implantology and sutures for dental surgery. Our overall portfolio benefits the patient by achieving the best possible functional and aesthetic results.


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