multifilament, mid-term absorbable

PGA RESORBA™ is a polymer of glycolic acid. The linear, high molecular weight polyglycolic acid is synthesised in the presence of a catalyst via the intermediary product glycolide, a cyclic ester via an intermediary product, glycolide.

• needle-thread-combination
• precut lengths

USP 10-0 to 5 (0.2-7 metric)

violet or undyed

polyglycolic acid

Metabolisation of the PGA suture material within the
tissue occurs by the uptake of water, thus reversing the synthesis. The monomeric glycolic acid is split enzymatically
into CO2 and H2O by the normal metabolism. Suture material containing 10% lactide as copolymerisate differs only slightly in its physical and physiological properties from pure PGA sutures. The fine, precision-braided filaments guarantee a very high tensile strength as well as great suppleness. The special resolactone coating thinly covers the fibre bundles for specific reduction of surface friction.

PGA RESORBA™ is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic
surgery, but not in cardiovascular surgery or neural tissue.

Absorbable suture material approximates the tissue during the healing phase and progressively loses its tensile strength and breaking load. The precision-braided filaments
of polyglycolic acid that make up PGA RESORBA™ ensure standardised and moderately rapid absorption in tissue. About 21 days after implantation, but depending on the suture thickness, PGA RESORBA™ still has at least 50% of
its original breaking load (= half-life).

Violet PGA RESORBA™ is coloured with a physiologically harmless dye by spin dying.


  • high tensile strength
  • very supple
  • minimal tissue reaction
  • smooth passage through tissue
  • high knot security

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